Malady App

Downloading the app gives you the ability to schedule ahead and prepay for your appointment. Our proprietary QR code technology makes for an easy check-in and an even easier result delivery as results may be uploaded to your account within 15 minutes.


Malady works with many organizations and large public entities, providing them with an integrated platform for giving people access to diagnostic testing at a quick and affordable rate.

Company Promise

We aim to provide affordable technology-enabled healthcare solutions that help health systems further patient care, bend the curve of care cost, & ignite new growth potential. Together we can offer the Malady platform to more people around the world that enable us to deliver innovation to clients.


Malady provides direct to consumer diagnostic testing in a convenient and affordable way. Clients can easily access Wellness Profiles, Covid tests, and sexual health tests through our mobile app

HIPAA Compliant

We are dedicated to the security of client information with an end-to-end encrypted platform that follows HIPAA compliance. Your medical data is always safe with us.

Preventative Care

Pre-screening for various cancers, quarterly comprehensive wellness profiles, and regular hormone testing are all tests available to clients so that they can know their health.
Our Ecosystem

Here at Malady, we strive to educate people on their health through preventative care, our strategic partnerships, and of course, our Malady app. With our HIPAA compliant, securely encrypted medical database, we are making diagnostic testing accessible to our community.

On Demand Testing

Our world-class Wellness Profiles and our multi-cancer early detection tests by Galleri®️ are empowering our clients every day. The Wellness Profile is a great choice to start your health journey. This test is performed by taking a dried blood sample and tests for six different hormone levels. The Wellness Profile+ is more suitable for women and has 14 hormone levels. The Comprehensive Wellness Profile is for those who want to learn even more about their health. This test is a full 50-panel blood workup and we encourage clients to share the results with their primary care physicians for a professional interpretation. The early detection cancer screening by Galleri®️detects common cancer signals across more than 50 types of cancers through a simple blood draw. Learn More