Malady Empowers People to Truly Know Their Health | Malady

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed our view of healthcare services, in fact, our view of health in general. One thing however that we have seen time and again is that there is an exponential drop in the utilization of healthcare services by people when they become less convenient, and conversely, there is an equally proportional uptick in its usage when healthcare services become more convenient.

We at Malady believe that good health is the foundation of fuller lives, thriving communities, and forward progress and that everyone deserves equitable access to healthcare services. To this end, we provide the necessary infrastructure that can deliver essential services, which are capable of improving outcomes across large populations, and making them more accessible and convenient to use in everyday lives. By bringing critical services such as vaccinations, diagnostic tests, etc. to you, we empower you to ‘Know Your Health’.

This ease of access is what we believe to be one of the biggest opportunities in healthcare today, wherein currently we are only just scratching the surface of what is truly possible. When innovative partnerships, drive healthcare access and progress in ways that can support local communities by strengthening systems, the maximum impact can be achieved.

Every service that Malady currently provides runs on the same core attributes, which assess that:

  • There lies the tremendous value in making healthcare services more accessible
  • It is possible to distribute these services via a digital model that does not necessitate a large-scale critical infrastructure
  • Through our digital platform, it is possible for us to monitor and report data that will help in important decision-making, and improving health outcomes

We understand that in order to achieve equity in our healthcare system, we need to look at the ease of access in a whole new manner. Whether it is access to your health test and immunization records in your pocket, booking an online appointment as per your convenience for a test, or even eliminating the need for visiting clinics physically to collect your results, making progress on these fronts can dramatically improve health outcomes in the nation, while having to spend lesser on care. There is a monumental upside in making essential services that are relatively low-cost, become widely accessible and accountable.

The pandemic has catalyzed an important trend that is for institutions, ranging from local governments and public health departments to employers and schools, paying active attention and playing a greater role in the health and safety of the populace. The creation of an alternative healthcare delivery model has a range of benefits when it comes to programs that are fast and effectively scaled as the interests and incentives of these institutions are well aligned with it. There are certain rare occasions, when the critical infrastructure that is built during times of crisis, can be leveraged even after the crisis for everyone’s benefit, this is exactly what Malady has accomplished.

With one-tap access to your health records in your pocket and the convenience of booking diagnostic tests online, as per your comfort, we seek to support the physician-patient relationship and empower you with information, guidance and tools needed to make personal choices and decisions regarding your health in a private and secure manner at no added cost. Uniting caring with discovery, Malady aims to enhance the performance of health systems and improve the overall well-being of the people and communities that we are privileged to serve.