How Malady Health Works?

We simplify healthcare by bringing diagnostic testing to you, wherever you are.


How Malady Health Works?

Malady Health’s platform leverages cutting-edge technology to connect clients with diagnostic testing on demand. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how our app works:

Step 1


Sign Up and Account Setup

User Registration: Clients download the Malady Health app and complete a simple registration process.

Account Setup: Clients set up their profile, providing necessary account information to personalize their experience.

Step 2

Select Tests or Subscription

Test Selection: Clients browse through our extensive range of tests, including the Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP), and select the tests they want performed.

Subscription Option: Clients have the option to choose a subscription plan that fits their needs, offering quarterly credits for various tests and added convenience, but it is not mandatory. COMING SOON


Step 3

Schedule Sample Collection

Same Day Collection: Through the app, clients can schedule same-day sample collection with our network of professional Mobile Health Technicians (MHTs).

Location Flexibility: Sample collection can be arranged at home or any convenient location.

Step 4

Send Your Samples

Easy Shipping: Our Mobile Health Technicians (MHTs) not only collect your samples but also handle returning them to the lab using our trusted shipping providers. This added service saves you even more time, making your health journey even more seamless.

Tracking: The app provides tracking information so clients can monitor the status of their samples in real time.


Step 5


Receive Results

Digital Reports: Clients receive their results directly through the app, with comprehensive digital reports that are easy to understand.

Historical Data: All results are stored securely, allowing clients to track their health data over time.

Step 6

Share Results with "Send It"

Secure Sharing: Clients can use the "Send It" feature to securely share their medical records with ease.

HIPAA-Secured Link: By adding a mobile number or email, clients send a HIPAA-secured link to their selected recipient.

Timed Expiry: The link expires after a set period, ensuring confidentiality and security of sensitive information.


Step 7


Telehealth Consultation

Expert Guidance: Clients have the option to schedule a Telehealth call directly after receiving their CWP results or any other test for an additional fee.

Personalized Recommendations: Our partnered doctors provide tailored advice based on the test outcomes.

Download the Malady Health App

Take charge of your health journey with the Malady Health app. Easily schedule mobile diagnostic testing, enjoy same-day sample collection, receive quick results, and book prompt Telehealth consultations, all from the convenience of your phone.