Take control of your health on your own terms


Take control of your health on your own terms

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Introducing "Send It" - Seamlessly Share Your Medical Records

“Send It” by Malady Health is a new feature that empowers our clients to securely share their medical records with ease. By simply adding a mobile number or email, you can send a HIPAA-secured link to your selected recipient.

The link expires after a set period, ensuring the confidentiality and security of your sensitive information.

Flexible Delivery
Timed Expiry

Your Health, Wherever You Are

Say goodbye to long waits and hello to hassle-free healthcare. We bring diagnostic testing directly to wherever you are, tailored for your busy life.

Flexible Scheduling

Book appointments at your convenience, wherever you are.

On-the-Go Testing

Our services come to you, whether at home, work, or elsewhere.

Same-Day Sample Collection

Get your samples collected on the same day you schedule.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Access top-tier Wellness Profiles, early detection cancer testing, and request tests recommended by your doctor for faster service and care.

Fast Results & Telehealth

Receive your results quickly and schedule a Telehealth call within minutes to discuss necessary changes.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the confidence of knowing your health status without the hassle.

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Your Personalized BioScore

Get ready for a revolutionary way to track your wellness with our 0-100 BioScore. This feature provides real-time updates based on the latest data from your CWP and any tests you request from Malady Health. Upload additional health records to get a comprehensive overview and personalized insights, all conveniently accessible in your Malady Health portal.

The Power of Comprehensive Wellness Profiles.

“This experience showed me the incredible potential of tools like the CWP to make healthcare faster, easier, and more effective for everyone.”

A.G. Crowe

A.G. Crowe

Former State Senator of Louisiana

Get Tested Today!

Mobile testing, fast results, and Send It.

Telehealth Made Easy

providing you with detailed insights into your overall wellness.

Cancer Screenings by Galleri®️

This innovative test can detect over 50 types of cancer early, even before symptoms appear..

Convenient Mobile Health Technicians (MHTs)

Our Mobile Health Technicians (MHTs) are licensed phlebotomists who come to your home, workplace, gym, or even events to collect samples for every test we provide. Enjoy the convenience of remote sample collection without disrupting your schedule. Our MHTs bring health services directly to you.


What Our Customers Say

“For decades, the delivery of healthcare has been reactive rather than proactive. We now have the technology that will detect Stage 1 pancreatic cancer long before any symptoms occur which will save lives.I’m excited about sharing this new technology with my patients, family and friends”
Dr. Stanford Owen
Our Medical Director
“With a busy schedule,I have a tendency to neglect my health because of the time it takes to see a physician. And I cannot afford to get sick so this proactive and preventative approach is perfect for me. It keeps me ahead of any potential illnesses because my physician and I are aware of my essentials indicators.”
Customer Chris J.
Serial Entrepreneur

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Take charge of your health journey with the Malady Health app. Easily schedule mobile diagnostic testing, enjoy same-day sample collection, receive quick results, and book prompt Telehealth consultations, all from the convenience of your phone.